Desks for Rent

Working from home? Going a bit mental? Pretending the cat is a violent prehistoric tiger? Wearing your partner’s underwear and fashioning erotic moustaches out of bits of carpet?

Perhaps you should rent a desk in our studio?

Look how f*cking fancy it is:

[posh pictures here]

We have desks available to rent for £50 a week.

For an, almost pathetic, sum of £200 a month you get a desk in a centrally located, well styled office and a full range of facilities including…

You’ll share with other young(ish) professional people who are committed to working but also crave a more social working environment where one can occasionally chat about sporting events, politics or the contemporary music of Milli Vannilli.

You can pretend the office is your own which makes you look professional, established and wildly wealthy and yet there’s no real commitment, no additional bills and no stress.

All we ask is that you pay £200 a month via standing order. There’s an initial 3-month minimum stay and we’d require a £150 deposit. No long-term contracts. No hidden charges.

When you consider that even the crappiest office is £500 a month plus bills and there’s usually a 3-year minimum contract, what we’re offering is a great set-up for new ventures or those wanting to separate home from work without massive financial strain or commitment. Anyway I’m stating the bleeding obvious. If you fancy a little look or a chat give Dan a call on 01326 619212.