Money and Billing.

Friday 27th June 2014


Ah money, money, money. Someone once said it’s the root of all evil but that can’t be true because I can swap some of it for a milky way or a kitten.

Exposed Knacker

I decided to write about money, not generally, more in a business context as us British don’t like talking about money, it’s always a tad awkward, a bit like chatting to a man at the beach whose testicle is hanging out the side of his Speedos.


As web designers we’re in a convenient situation of being in control of the product we create. It’s virtual. We can choose when it’s exposed to the world. This means we’re also in a position to say “once it’s paid for, it goes live”. Not everyone is this privileged.

I like being in my position. I think it’s fair. I think it maintains incentive. I think most businesses should operate like this.

Bum Cream

Whoever decided it was a good idea to allow 30 days credit is a wonky willy. No one wants to wait 30 days to be paid, especially start-ups or small businesses with bad cash flow. And yet it’s how things work. You wait 30 days to pay and you have to wait 30 days to be paid.

The problem with this is, if you have the product and it’s doing its thing where’s the incentive to pay? I tell you where, at the bottom of the pile, underneath a receipt for anusol with a squashed raisin stuck to it.

This is why people often have to wait 60 days, or 90 days, and then, when things are getting tight, you have to get grumpy and your relationship with the client turns a bit sour. And then if a firm tone doesn’t work you have to get legal, which in turn takes time and money. No one needs this bollocks.

Balls to old habits

So come on people let us rid ourselves of 30 day terms. Let us throw it into a pit filled with lava and hungry pigs, or something. Let’s make it that you once you pay; you get. Then things work smoother, client relationships remain positive and bubbly. There’s a constant incentive, cash flow is like a nice steady wee after three pints.

New approach and songs about knockers

I do: deposit up-front to engage and secure commitment, then I ask for the remaining balance before the site goes live. If the client wants to pay at milestones I’m happy to do that too as long as there’s nothing outstanding before we hit “launch”.

Join me in a modern approach to billing, discard mouldy tradition, we are not credit providers we are the workers, the grafters, we don’t have time to chase invoices, we should be paid promptly for the work we do and in turn should be prepared to pay promptly for the products/services we receive.

Now let’s hold hands and sing a bold harmonious uplifting song about whispy clouds and bosoms, or perhaps we’ll just have a bourbon.