Time managing

Monday 10th April 2017

I am shit at time management. My clients would concur. But then I’d argue it’s generally better to deliver something of high quality late than something dog-shit on time.

I would be even worse at managing my time if it was not for some things I have discovered lately.

No horse heads

The first is, working whilst wearing a pantomime horse head makes it difficult to see your computer screen therefore making you less productive. Avoid costumes and masks whilst working.


The second is the Pomodoro technique. No, it’s not some weird sexual thing where you push cherry tomatoes up your bum hole. The name actually references a tomato cooking timer. The concept is essentially this; we have a limited attention span and prolonged focus becomes inefficient. So the idea is you graft your tits off for 25 minutes then have a five minute break away from screens. I often use these five-minute breaks to tend to my moss collection or organise my milk but you can do whatever you want. Once you’ve done 4 of those 25 minute sessions, have a chunkier break. That’s it. It won’t work if you’re on the phone a lot, but if you’re coding, designing, writing etc. it’s a revelation. Like when I discovered mousse.


The third thing is less immediate but nonetheless valuable. Use software to record the time you spend working on a project. It’s good because you can then look back at the time you spent doing proper billable work and think “I’m pissing about way too much”. It also means you can accurately quote for stuff; because “oh yeah that’s similar to that and that took me 42 hours”.
That’s all I have to offer today. I’ll be back with more of these horrendous blog posts soon.

Big cuddles to you all, Dan x

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